Rodolfo’s Manual of Operations

Rodolfo’s Manual of Operations

📍 Based in London

I’m on Twitter, Bluesky, and LinkedIn . My email is my first name at

I have founded a new tech startup in 2021, it’s in stealth, it’s about semiconductors, and we have some VC funding.

My background is artificial intelligence, semiconductors, video games, cybersecurity, and defense. I do not understand anything about life sciences and biotech. Within these boundaries I am happy to help anyone that is starting their company, especially younger people without capital and access to an investor network, contact me and I will go the extra mile to give you a bit of my time to help.

I have been blogging since 2001 on Whilst in Arrakis, but if I write two posts a year it’s a miracle and it’s mostly musings. The corporate stuff is usually on Medium.

I am an entrepreneur-in-residence at Conception X and assist PhD students become venture scientists and start companies based off their research. We only invest inside our cohort in partnership with XTX Ventures, and I do not make angel investments.

I play Europa Universalis 4 and I think you should, too.